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Supermarket – Germany



Unique and very secure investment opportunity in Germany
New build supermarkets (ready 2017) in different German cities
with German well known supermarket operators (tenants)

  • Investment opportunities start from 2 Mio EUR up to 4.5 Mio EUR.
  • Return of investment = 5%-7% (depends strongly on the proparty location)
  • Financing up to 70% of property investment for Non- EU nationals

Project Implementation by a German well known Real Estate Company
The Food market properties are sold by a German real estate company with decades of experience. They are specialized in the conception, development, realization, marketing and administration of food markets and specialized market centers and they have developed their recognized expertise over the years.

Steps before selling the food market property:

  1. Market analysis: We know the regional markets and we can assess where a development of a food market property makes sense. Good knowledge of the market is the starting point of our activity.
  2. Acquisition: We are constantly in close contact with all market participants, in order to quickly discover potentials and benefit from them.
  3. Ensuring that we get the building land:. This creates implementation security and predictability for all stakeholders.
  4. Secure planning and building permission: The planning authority is in the hand of the municipality and several authorities are involved. Working together professionally with all parties is necessary to be successful in getting the building permission.
  5. Concept development: Development of suitable utilization concepts which are in line with all parties involved and economically viable.
  6. Tenant: We get in contact with suitable tenants at an early stage of the project. A commercial property stands and falls with the trading company, which should ultimately operate the property successfully.
  7. Accompanying until the opening: One Project – One Contact Person! Our project development team is fully responsible, from start till the end! Until handing over the keys and the opening of the market. This creates clarity and liability for all participants and shareholders.

What do we sell?

  1. We sell 100% complete food market properties, including tenants with 15 year rental contract including the option to extend the rental contract!
  2. Tenants are always well known creditworthy German supermarket chain owners.
  3. Our rental contract include that the tenant must bear most maintenance works (doors, windows, electricity, outdoor facilities and green areas, except heating system)
  4. 5 years Warranty (as required by German law) for the complete property.
  5. An easy to manage property!
  6. Our partners offer to arrange financing up to 70% for purchasing such investment properties.

Optional Services:

  1. Our tenant management: Due to our long years of experience and our experts, we can offer this service for a very low price.
  2. All necessary steps for foreign investors (Foundation of a local company, tax adviser, …)
  3. Together we find solutions for any barriers.

Key Points:

  1. A big number of investment opportunities in the field of food market and specialized market properties is available throughout Germany.
  2. Investment opportunities start from 2 Mio EUR up to 4.5 Mio EUR.
  3. Return of investment = 5%-7% (depends strongly on the location of the investment).
  4. For foreign investors we can support in all required issues and tenant management.
  5. Finanzing up to 70% of property purchase price for Non-EU nationals.

Download more information and a sample return of investment calculation:


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Please note: This Sample Calculation is just an example of one investment opportunity in the field of German Food Markets. If you are interested in this kind of investment opportunity please contact us and we will introduce to you current investment opportunities in different cities and of different investment volume. Let us know what you are looking for. Contact

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