Renting Property in Germany:

Many German properties are let unfurnished. Most of them are handed over without curtains, light fittings and kitchen appliances. A good rule is always to make sure to get a very detailed hand over protocol mentioning every existing small and big damage (floor, walls, windows, wet surfaces). In addition it is very helpful to make photos before signing the hand over protocol and sending them immediately after signing to the landlord. These can be used as evidence that damages existed before you lived there. German bathroom usually are not made to resist water on the floor. A lot of water on the floor can lead to a water damage which can be really expensive to fix. We recommend to get yourself and your family a German liability insurance, which covers unintended damages. (There are extra liability insurances for damaging glass, like windows or a glass door and is not included in the normal liability insurance).

When renting an apartment, please check the house rules. You will need to stick to them. In some multi-family houses there is a monthly plan for cleaning the stair hall and even the street. In others this is done by a cleaning company and is paid by the additional rental costs. It is also important to get familiar with the waste disposal regulations in your house or apartment. Not sticking to this regulation might bring trouble with the neighbors and the city cleaning.

A deposit is usually requested by the landlord: Very common is a deposit of three months’ rent and should be deposited in a special savings account.

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