For international property buyers we offer the following services:

Collecting information from the potential buyer:

  • What kind of property is of interest? Location, size, condition, extras, etcetera.
  • Budget size? With funding or without? (up to 70% property purchase funding possible for non-EU nationals)
  • Personal background, national, profession, age.

Searching for property fitting buyers requirements:

  • Activating the search in our local network.
  • Filtering the search results and making recommendations.
  • If not yet available, we will make a professional expose for each search result.
  • Send the search result to the interested party and collect all related questions.

Shortlist, property inspection, location inspection:

  • Contacting then owner and arranging a date for property inspection. Together with the interested party we will do a professional property inspection. House condition and energy ID will be checked.
  • In case of older properties we will recommend to let a professional property evaluator make an evaluation.
  • Getting an impression of the location (village, city) and regional rental income.

Purchasing the property:

  • Negotiation Support.
  • Support in all necessary steps to buy the property (purchase contract, notary, German property purchase tax, …), checking documents.
  • Support in getting up to 70% financial property purchase funding.
  • Local support for your property.

Let us know what kind of German property you are searching for and we will support you in all necessary steps. Contact us to get more information. CONTACT

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