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Janzir ImmobilienGerman Real Estate Agency is located in Hamburg – Germany. We offer different kinds of German Real Estate opportunities to our clients. Germany has a very stable real estate market and investments in German property can be a financial safe haven. Especially now, after the US election and Britain’s “Brexit”, when looking at Europe, Germany offers good Real Estate Investment Opportunities.
Through access to our big network in Germany with different individuals in different positions, we are able to offer houses and apartments (for sale or rent) in different German cities and are able to show you investment opportunities with a “good” return of capital. These can be rented multi-family houses, planed or existing shopping centers and food market stores, office buildings or industrial property with long term rental contracts and creditworthy tenants. Our focus is on real estate investment opportunities with a good return of investment (currently 5-7%) without a lot of ownership responsibilities. For Non-EU nationals our partners can get you up to 70% financing of your real estate investment project. Contact us for more details.

When it comes to real estate investments, we usually talk about substantial material values and we are aware of this high responsibility. We meet the high demands of our customers professionally. Our approach is conservative but also innovative and will be adjusted to the requirements of each client. A trustworthy relationship and transparency ensure satisfied buyers and sellers.
Our philosophy is win / win for both parties, buyers and sellers (landlords and tenants). We are committed to your interests, search for optimal real estate that fits your investment plans and work out a win / win strategy.

In order to achieve your investment goal quickly, we do not leave it up to simple passive search, but use our own national and international network to find suitable real estate opportunities, which fit your strategy and will lead you to success. Through many years of national and international activities in the field of business consultation, we are able to draw on numerous potential national and international property owners (institutions, companies and private individuals) and offer you suitable properties quickly. Numerous of our real estate offers are only available through us as exclusive partners, as most real estate owners wish to have discretion in the offering process of selling.

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We are ready to find the property that fits into your investment plans.       CONTACT

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